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5050 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 34104
January 13, 2018
11:00 am

Resurrection changed everything

Message: "If It's So Simply, Why is It So Hard? - Prayer"

This week Dr. Bossert will continue his series entitled- "If It's So Simple, Why's It so Hard? The first in our series addressed the difficulty many face with having true Faith. (Please see the church's website for that presentation.) This week, the Pastor will talk about why so many have difficulty with prayer and what to do about it. It seems like such a simple thing, but many find problems in actually having a life of prayer. We shall see what the Bible shares about prayer, and how we can get past the problems.


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"If It's So Simply, Why is It So Hard? - Prayer"
Pastor Bill Bossert, DMin.
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